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ZF-78 model bicycle spoke combination machine
ZF-91 model motorcycle spoke combination machine
ZF-92 model rickshaw spoke combination machine
ZF-93 model all-purpose spoke combination machine
ZF-01 model minimal spoke combination machine
ZF-05 model high-speed spoke combination machine
TZ-05 model Automatic Straightener/Cutter
CS-06 Auto Bar Thread Rolling Machine
ZF-08 model Nail-making machine
TZ-08 model Automatic Straightener&Cutter
ZF-09-type bar heading machine
ZF-10 Bar shrink head machine
BJ-10 Auto spoke variable diameter machine
XZ-11 Auto bar straightening machine
ZQ-11 Auto spoke cutter
ZTM30-89 Model Automatical spoke nipple
ZTM14-8 Minimal Spoke Nipple
CS model spoke thread rolling machine
BJ model spoke diameter-varying machine


Address: No.989 North of Weihai Road Bencha Town Rudong County, Jiangsu Province
Tel: 0086-513-84899042 0086-13358085968
Fax: 0086-513-84894863 Postcode:226406                                    Skype:liukehua55 



Nantong Tianhai Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. is reorganized on the base of original Nantong Jinghai Machinery Manufacture Co.,Limited and now it has developed into a professional & large scale machinery manufacturer.
The Company is located in Rudong County Nantong city in Jiangsu Province, just on the south side of coast defence highway, adjacent Yellow Sea and border the 204 national highway in the west. It's about 50 kilometers far from Nantong Xingdong airport
& Xingchang railway, so the traffic is very convenient.
The company has 118 staff which including more than 20 engineering technicians. It occupies 3500 square meters & owns fixed assets more than five million Yuan.
The company has been dealing in Machinery Manufacturing for so many years. And "NTH" series machines, such as spoke combination machine, automatical straightener & cutter, diameter-varying machine, thread rolling machine, spoke nipple machine, long nail-making machine and bar heading machine which have been sold abroad to Pakistan, India, Vietnam, Laos, Canada, Brazil and more than 20 provinces & cities at home.
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